[featured_image]Getting started as a coach can be challenging. Even when you’ve developed good coaching skills, finding those who would benefit from a coaching relationship with you may be difficult.

I remember when I got started as a coach many years ago. I really wanted to coach. I’d received excellent training to coach. Yet I felt somewhat intimidated when it came to finding people who wanted to be coached.

Recently someone who completed the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Training Program asked me for ideas on getting started as a coach. Here’s what I suggested:

10 IDEAS to Get Started as a Coach

  1. Be clear on your niche. Who is your ideal client? Write out a description of who they are and the benefit you offer them in coaching.
  2. Set your rates at a level that is reachable in your focused niche. (I started out at $50/session.)
  3. Educate potential clients on the role of coaching and the results coaching will bring. Many people are still relatively unfamiliar with how coaching works and the specific ways it will help them.
  4. Offer a complimentary introductory session. Try to schedule at least 5 every week.
  5. Use your elevator speech more often – and conclude with questions like these:
    • is this something that you’d like to try?
    • let’s talk about coaching together.
    • if I can help you, let me know
    • are you currently getting these needs met somehow?
  6. Set up a basic website that includes letters of reference from your clients.
  7. Ask for referrals from previous clients.
  8. Approach your networks to get on their list of recommended coaches.
  9. Join the local ICF chapter and tell people about your niche. Volunteer to serve with the chapter.
  10. Start a newsletter about coaching – get people to sign up and send it monthly to increase awareness of coaching and the specific ways you coach.

One last thought – if you would choose to pursue your ICF credential as an Associate Certified Coach, I’d highly recommend joining my next ICF Group Mentor Coaching Cohort. It begins May 16, 2012.