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One of the church planters that I’ve met since moving to Seattle is Keith Carpenter, pastor of Epic Life.

Keith is a likable guy. And he’s intentional about following Jesus fully – and being Jesus to those around him.

A few days ago he posted an incredible story that I want you to read. It captures so much of what it means to “incarnate the gospel.”

Hold on For a Little Longer

Since being in Seattle God has given many of us new eyes to see those around us who are hurting and need love. We have been able to become friends with many who call the street their home. Men and women who literally live under the bushes behind the theater we meet in for our Sunday morning gathering of Epic Life Church. These men and women have their street name, but are always introduced to us by their given names. One such man, whom God gave me the privilege to come to love and call, “Friend,” is Ken Weed.

Ken is 45 and has been on the street for around five years. He has a nursing degree from the University of Washington and was working in a local hospital up until he got drunk in a bar late one night and got into a fight that consequently got him sent to jail and then fired. He has told me many times how much he regrets that night, but now looks at the cold facts of being a drunk, homeless and jobless without opportunity for something better.

Read the rest here!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how will you be Jesus to the last, the lost, and the least this week!

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