[featured_image]My mentor Bob Logan has written a fabulous series of posts on his blog – Logan Leadership – on the relationship between church planting and making disciples. I would urge you to not only read it, but to take appropriate action!

Bob begins with this truth: “Jesus never called us to plant churches. He called us to make disciples.” All of us who have planted a church understand this is true, however, it’s easy to think that the end of church planting is more churches. Actually, the end of church planters should be more and better disciples who keep making disciples who make disciples…

Bob continues:
We need to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. The task Jesus left for us is the multiplication of his disciples. We don’t want to be a dead end link in the chain of Christianity…

Church planting, at its most basic level, is a means to that end: a way to make disciples. If we aren’t making disciples, there’s no real point to most of the structures and activities that “church” usually involves. Consider what draws ministry leaders to church planting in the first place. Likely they wanted to reach a particular group of people with the message of the gospel. They wanted to make disciples. When we get into the nitty gritty of planting a church, we can’t lose sight of that original vision. That’s what it’s all about: making disciples. (emphasis mine)

On this blog, in my coaching and training, and in the current project that Bob and I are working on together, the emphasis continues to be: making disciples who make disciples who make disciples!
But how? How are you making disciples?

Bob offers some important insight into the answer to how. Check out the blog series:
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Today’s Missional Challenge

Don’t just talk about making disciples — actually make some!