Looking at the pile of used ballet shoes in my daughter’s room brings the realization that I would never be able to spend a day in her shoes. Then I look at her feet and I see how brutal dancing has been on each one. It’s amazing to me what dancers endure!

I’ve been tweeting off and on for awhile now. I don’t have a big following so far – about 800 or so people. And I’m approaching about 2,000 tweets now.

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This is my 700th Blog Post!

My friend Mark Goeser’s son David is missing! Please pray that he will be found soon!

My friends over at City Team International are committed to exponential disciplemaking. They are seeking to facilitate disciplemaking movements all over the place! Here’s what they are all about…

I have been strongly influenced by David Bosch on understanding the church and mission. Here are some quotes that have challenged me – and I hope will challenge you…

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Jesus says in Matthew 7:16-20,

What images come to your mind when you picture making disciples who make disciples?

And over a period of months in 2005, God led me to realize that it was time to transition out of my role as pastor. The final confirmation came while I was preaching the last message in a series on Disciplemaking in December. The theme of the message was on obedience.