A couple of years ago I created a 31 Day Missional Challenge. It was a simple idea to take daily steps toward engaging in the mission of Jesus. Lots of people have tried it. Churches have gone through the challenge together. Small groups have focused on it. And so can you.

Recently I took my family on the Discovery Challenge Course at the South Bellevue Community Center. We joined together with a group of other parents and children to ascend 45 feet into the trees attached with harnesses and leaped across open spaces and transversed beams and zip lines and ropes and planks to reach new platforms.

Often times when I reflect on my experience starting a church at 25, I realize that I was naive. There was a lot that I didn’t understand about the church, the gospel, the Spirit, the mission of Jesus, leadership, spiritual authority, disciplemaking, preaching, worship, sin, accountability, and spiritual transformation.

In 2007 I posted several posts on the state of the Church in America.

Jesus was the first apostle. He was sent by his Father. He, in turn, sent the Twelve. They went to people who would then take the gospel to the rest of the world. Whoever received it would understand that they, too, had been sent. With the gospel being what it is, the church as bearer of the gospel is bound to be apostolic. The Insider by Jim Petersen and Mike Shamy (p 83)

Today I got a text from a friend which included the following…

Jesus never started a local church or commanded anyone to start churches. Jesus made disciples and instructed His disciples to make disciples. Churches are communities of disciplemakers, not places to worship. Churches are the natural outcome of disciples making disciples.

I have found it very beneficial to be a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am currently credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach and intend to submit my application for my Professional Certified Coach credential this month.

I think each village was meant to feel pity for its own sick and poor whom it can help and I doubt if it is the duty of any private person to fix his mind on ills which he cannot help. (This may even become an escape from the works of charity we really can do to those we know.)

Six months of posting every day to my blog has been quite a challenge – but I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you’ve been encouraged or challenged by some of what I’ve posted. Here are the top posts so far for the month of June 2012…