In 2007 I posted several posts on the state of the Church in America.

Five Realities of the American Church

1. The US Church is Dying and Declining – The number of churches in the United States is decreasing. Too many churches are closing their doors.

2. The US Church is Infertile and Dysfunctional – Combining dysfunctional people and unrealistic expectations results in churches that are extremely unhealthy, and consequently, spiritual reproduction of disciples, leaders and churches is non-existent.

3. The US Church is Fractured and Fragmented – Churches are to be united together for the purpose of accomplishing the mission of Jesus. Yet many churches in America are experiencing conflict and strife that wastes valuable energy and resources.

4. The US Church is Marginalized – We live in a rapidly changing culture and the role that the church has in this culture has rapidly changed, too. America is now post-Christian and multi-religious. The Church in the U.S. needs to find a new place in culture.

5. The US Church is Internally Focused – Churches are too focused on themselves and not focused on the kingdom of God. The activities and ministries of many churches are devoted to the members. Yet more tragic is that church members are consuming vast amounts of resources that could be utilized to extend the kingdom.

What do you think? Is there hope for the Church in America?

In spite of these negative realities, I still believe in the Church because I believe in the Lord of the Church!

What will it take for churches to truly align with the mission of Jesus?

The Church needs to recapture its identity as Sent Ones – sent by Jesus on mission with Jesus to be Jesus to everyone everywhere, and to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Join the mission of Jesus! He is the hope of the Church!

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