[featured_image]Here are some random musings on missional Christianity:

  • Missionality is the means of explaining the purpose of God for His Church in terms of the ultimate goal: the accomplishment of His redemptive mission to the glory of God!
  • It is more efficient to empower every believer to function as a missionary in their zip code, than to rely on credentialed ministers and career missionaries to carry the responsibility for evangelism and disciplemaking.
  • The missional challenge is to adopt missionary thinking to strategically engage the culture with the gospel where you work and where you live.
  • We need an army of believers who view their mission in life through the lens of of Christ’s redemptive mission.
  • Local churches can become so internally focused on meeting the needs of members that those living in close proximity to the church campus never see the light.
  • A missionary perspective is critical for every follower of Jesus. We must not be concerned only with reaching people for Christ who are just like us, we must commit ourselves to displaying the gospel to people who are very differnt from us. We must apply missionary methods to reaching our neighbors, our co-workers, our family, and our classmates.

Does this resonate with anyone?