[featured_image]Today I got a text from a friend which included the following…

This keeps sticking in my head… “adopt reproducible practices others can imitate” …you ever hear that before?

I sat there and reflected on that statement. At first I thought – “Yes, I’ve heard that before, but where?”

And after a couple seconds it hit me – that’s one of the six word lessons in my book on missional living.

I quickly pulled it off my shelf and rifled through the pages. There it was!

Lesson #40: “Adopt reproducible practices others can imitate.”

To live missionally, discover ways to live on mission that others can do with you or like you. Habits and practices embodied together in community with other Christians will be replicated. Others will do what you do.

My kids remind me that you reproduce what you are.

This is a powerful lesson!

And it’s crucial to following Jesus. We must do what Jesus did. We must follow His example. That’s what disciplemaking is really all about.

What are you reproducing?

If someone was to do what you did today, would they be any closer to Jesus?

Success in making disciples if often linked to what you are reproducing. Consider how you can simply help others to do what you do.

I texted my friend back… “So – what do you want those who follow you to do? Do that!!!”

If you want to make disciples who make disciples – figure out what you are trying to reproduce!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Make it reproducible!

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