What if church was different?What if instead of getting people to come inside, you were getting people to go out?

On my recent trip to India (December 2009) to train pastors of a church planting movement, each day every pastor spent time S.O.A.P. Journaling through a specific passage of Scripture.

S.O.A.P. Journaling |

How do you feed your soul?How will you become spiritually strong?

As believers take steps to focus on meeting needs beyond the walls of the church, it’s important to consider how those being served (as well as those who may observe your acts of service) will interpret your actions.

I always enjoy hanging out with my friends

I got an email this morning form the Barna Group and noticed that they were selling Alan Hirsch’s book for $10 plus s&h. This is a fantastic book on missional engagement.

Transformational leadership is critical to transforming the mission of local churches.

Dr. James Choung is teaching a Bethel Seminary course this fall in San Diego on Missional Leadership Development. He introduces five themes needed for a missional leadership developer:

In my studies at BGU, I met Jim Henderson in one of my classes. He has written an interesting book called Jim and Casper Go To Church. He is particularly interested in helping Christian to take ordinary attempts to reach “lost people.”

Last week on my way back from Indian Wells with my friend Len, we stopped for lunch in Redlands at Chipotle. In the parking lot we passed a homeless man pushing his grocery cart. He naturally asked us for money.