Dr. James Choung is teaching a Bethel Seminary course this fall in San Diego on Missional Leadership Development. He introduces five themes needed for a missional leadership developer:Missional Leadership Development | missionalchallenge.com

  • Theological thinker
    They have the theological foundations — including their understanding of the gospel — to undergird a missional outlook in their ministries. They know that their ministries are not merely for those who are within local church structures, but beyond its walls into their surrounding communities and out into the world. They have a missional outlook.
  • Leadership developer
    They have the skills to identify potential leaders in rising generations, and have the skills to invite them to grow in their leadership and impact to develop them into their full potential. They have a developmental outlook.
  • Cultural architect
    They are able to identify prevailing themes in the overarching culture — and for the subcultures of rising generations — and speak relevantly and effectively into each of these cultures. They are able to describe the prevailing culture in any organization they lead, and have the skills to shape the culture to be ready for Kingdom ends. They have a communal outlook.
  • Spiritual mentor
    They understand the necessity of spiritual formation in the development of their character and skills as well as their own leadership development. They know how to continue to develop others without ignoring their health and vitality of their entire beings. They have a transformational outlook.
  • Relevant communicator
    They have the skills to communicate relevantly and effectively to rising generations, knowing how to speak and find other ways to connect in our over-stimulated world. They have a relevant outlook.

These themes are extremely helpful in raising missional leaders for the 21st Century. How are they expressed in your process of leadership development?