Do You Need a New Vision? |

A few years ago when I was pastor of Lake Hills Church, my wife said to me, “You need a new vision for our church.”

This Christmas we are especially looking forward to having both our kids home! We love how they are pursuing their careers, yet we love it when we can be together!

Yesterday my wife and I were in Southern California. We enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather and clear skies. We repeatedly told each other, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas.”

It’s good to be home! Today I returned to Seattle after a week in Atlanta.

Good Leaders Are Always Learning |

This picture inspired this blog post — note the phrase at the top: “Good divers are always learning.”

As we get ready to change our clocks this weekend – it’s time to reflect on another month of blog posts.

There are certain days that you never forget.

I have identified 20 points of contact where I can be communicating through my life and ministry.

Fall is here – leaves are beginning to change their color. Change is in they air. Do you feel it?

Best Posts of August 2012 |

Summer is almost over! Here are the top posts for August…