“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.”

As I watched the Olympics this past week, I am continually stunned by the sheer determination and keen discipline of Olympic athletes. I’m amazed not only by those who finish first and receive the gold, but also by every single person who competes in the games.

700 Blog Posts! |

This is my 700th Blog Post!

Six months of posting every day to my blog has been quite a challenge – but I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you’ve been encouraged or challenged by some of what I’ve posted. Here are the top posts so far for the month of June 2012…

I’ve written 120 posts over the past 120 days. I love sharing what I’m learning – and I hope it challenges you to learn and grow as well. As you read and interact, feel free to leave your comments.

Getting started as a coach can be challenging. Even when you’ve developed good coaching skills, finding those who would benefit from a coaching relationship with you may be difficult.

Here at the Exponential Conference today I was asked why I came to this conference. I offered three reasons for coming to Exponential – and I think that these three reasons would probably provide the basis for attending any conference.

I am blessed to serve as a missionary with One Challenge on the US Ministries team!

Now, over twenty years later as I coach church planters, I love seeing the way that coaching impacts people’s lives.

What a great week! I was in Colorado Springs training leaders in coaching skills.