It’s good to be home! Today I returned to Seattle after a week in Atlanta.

It was a wonderful week of training. It was very fulfilling for me personally and based on the feedback I received, it was very fruitful for those who attended.

Next week I will be in Charlotte, NC training about 50 leaders with The Multiplication Workshop. I am really looking forward to it!

But right now — I am really grateful to be home.

During the month of November, many people place more value on being grateful as we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday here in America.

Being home causes me to reflect and to desire to express my gratitude. Here are a few things that cause me to be Thankful!

Thankful – My Personal Top 25 List

1. Family – my wife and kids!
2. Extended family – my parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, in-laws, etc.
3. My Salvation and the Gospel
4. God’s grace and forgiveness
5. Our golden retriever: Olive!
6. Opportunity to pursue God’s calling on my life
7. Coaching and training leaders
8. Being home
9. Our church family
10. God’s provision of our needs
11. Loving friends
12. Our missionary team
13. Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, California
14. A comfortable bed
15. Safety
16. Generous supporting churches and individuals/families
17. I get to join God in what He’s doing
18. Coaches and mentors in my life
19. Opportunity to travel
20. Hope for the future
21. Peace with God
22. Teaming with Creative Results Management
23. Books to read
24. Vacation
25. Music and dancing

Today’s Missional Challenge

Reflect on those things for which you are thankful. Tell someone today!