What would it look like if the gospel was planted in your city and the church that emerged was “native” to the culture?

My friends Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl have written a great book that focuses on empowering leaders for ministry and mission in a changing world. Transformissional Coaching

Obedience-Oriented Disciplemaking and Church Planting |

George Patterson worked in northern Honduras with the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society. He developed a theological education by extension program that focused on “obedience-oriented eduction.”

“The best way to be an effective coach is to prepare in advance.”

Missional activity often focuses on multiplying disciples and planting churches. So, where should new churches be started?

As a missionary to the United States, my focus and calling is to facilitate church multiplication movements that transform America. You may wonder how it is that I am doing this. Here is my best understanding to date of what God has uniquely gifted me to do…

Missional initiatives are all about incarnating the message of the cross together in community to those in the culture around us. That’s the “Missional Challenge” – to exegete the culture in order to communicate the gospel effectively.

What makes a team effective in ministry? I asked that question this morning to our missions class at church. Here a few important keys:

There is a darkness that has so permeated this world that nothing remains untouched. Evil extends it’s reach into every social institution, every relationship, and every human heart. And we all know that this is not the way it’s supposed to be.