[featured_image]Missional initiatives are all about incarnating the message of the cross together in community to those in the culture around us. That’s the “Missional Challenge” – to exegete the culture in order to communicate the gospel effectively.

On Sunday night, I drove to Viento y Agua (a coffee house in Long Beach). I was amazed by the murder jesus project – a collaborative effort presented by nine individuals who believe that they contributed to the murder of Jesus Christ. This was a genuine missional initiative.

Each person told their story in a creative and meaningful way using a variety of media: art, music, drama, dance, video, poetry, and story.

Here’s what Jon presented: The Ocean Sighed

Jon told me the story describes the pain and loss of relationship, yet the hope of redemption and peace. You can still see and hear the stories this Sunday (March 23) at the Creative Design Lab (11 am) or the Long Beach Playhouse (5 pm). For more information click here.

If you are in the Long Beach area, check out A Village Community!