[featured_image]”The best way to be an effective coach is to prepare in advance.”

Here are some of the things I’ve done in preparation for coaching pastors, church planters and church leaders:

1. Review the notes of your last appointment.

2. Review the GROW technique:

  • Goal – what’s the goal? what are you trying to accomplish?
  • Reality – what’s the reality of the situation? what have you accomplished?
  • Options – what can you do to reach the goal? Brainstorm.
  • Will – what will you do? what are you next steps?

3. Answer the following questions as you prepare for your appointment.

  • Have I prayed for this leader?
  • Have I developed effective coaching questions? Remember: Never answer your own questions!
  • Am I prepared to listen? “He who talks most, listens least.”
  • What personal or ministry needs am I aware of?
  • What needs or issues am I avoiding?
  • What ministry skills need to be developed?
  • What resources would be helpful?
  • How will I encourage this leader?
  • How will I strengthen our coaching relationship?

4. Review the following “holistic questions.”

  • Feelings – How do you feel about your ministry?
  • Family – How’s your family? What are you doing to show value to them?
  • Faith – How are you and God doing? What does God want to see in you?
  • Focus – What’s important? What’s urgent? What’s next?