[featured_image]As a missionary to the United States, my focus and calling is to facilitate church multiplication movements that transform America. You may wonder how it is that I am doing this. Here is my best understanding to date of what God has uniquely gifted me to do…

  • Casting vision for multiplying disciples, leaders and churches
  • Mobilizing prayer support for multiplying disciples and churches
  • Assisting local churches in the development of leadership farm systems
  • Motivating Christians to engage in missional practices
  • Providing resources for training and equipping church planters
  • Assessing church planters through behavioral interviews
  • Affirming the character, calling and competencies of church planters
  • Training church planters and their launch teams
  • Building networks of churches and church planters
  • Providing encouragement and support for church planters
  • Coaching church planters and parent church pastors
  • Partnering with denominations, churches and church pastors
  • Creating a culture of church planting
  • Equipping nationals to disciples their nations
  • Multiplying coaches to empower church planters
  • Strategizing ways to multiply disciples and churches

I am grateful to be part of the US Ministries team with OC International. Together, we provide research, motivation and training to mobilize church leaders to disciple all nations! Our ministry is multi-cultural, reaching this nation and the nations among us.