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My Top 11 Posts in 2011 | missionalchallenge.com

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Here are the 11 Posts on missionalchallenge.com that had the most page views in the past year:

#11 Becoming a Self Feeder – It’s not normal or natural for someone who is no longer a baby to not be feeding themselves! Everyone knows this from the perspective of eating physical food. But what about feeding oneself spiritually?

#10 Best Book on Missional Living – Obviously, with the power of Google you can find just about anything. Why not search for the best book on missional living?

#9 16 Categories for Spiritual Leadership Development – You can’t just expect that God will bring you “ready to go” leaders. You have to be intentional about raising them up!Beginning with a clear picture of the type of leaders that you are developing will help you focus intentionally on specific areas of their growth and development.

#8 Training Disciplemaking Trainers -If you want to start reproducing, disciplemaking churches, start by training every believer to be a disciplemaking trainer.

#7 Thoughts on Church Planting – Reflections on Church Planting in the US.What makes a good church?

#6 7 Commitments for Missional Living – Join the mission of Jesus! Join a movement of Christians who are missionalists – aligning their lives with the mission of Jesus!

#5 5 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Engage the Culture – Engaging the culture around you with the gospel can be a struggle. Deciding that you are a “missionary” right where you live doesn’t automatically result in effective engagement with those around you.

#4 Rapid Church Growth: 23 Reasons – As you read through these reasons for growth, consider what ramifications they present for your ministry in your context.

#3 4 Ways to Show Outsiders You Care – How do you show those outside your circle of Christian friendships that you care about them?

#2 Discipleship Diagram – Disciplemaking is Christ’s strategy to glorify Himself among all peoples by proclaiming the truth of the gospel, baptizing all who believe, and guiding their growth to obedience and spiritual reproduction.

#1 12 Thoughts for Church Planters: How Not to Focus on Buildings – The place or building where your church meets is a great tool for accomplishing your mission, but the building itself is not the church.The mission of the Church is not to fill up buildings on Sunday mornings!

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