[featured_image]There are lots of books available on Missional Living. Recently as I was looking at what search items led people to my blog, I was surprised to see: “best book on missional living.”

Obviously, with the power of Google you can find just about anything. Why not search for the best book on missional living?

Of course, I’d highly recommend Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living. It’s a very simple, practical and easy-to-read resource for anyone who wants to explore how to align their life with the mission of Jesus.

Ed Stetzer, Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch and Paul Kaak also highly recommend it to you…

Ed Stetzer“It’s simple, it’s transferable. It’s built around conversation. …It really brings the idea of living a missional life to where it needs to be – the lives of individual believers changed by the power of the gospel through their redemption, and then living on mission as agents of reconciliation. So I encourage it to you.” (watch video)

Neil Cole“Dave has actually made everything much simpler with this book. He has reduced it to six words – six words to change the world. I love it! And it’s easy to read. Enjoy it.” (watch video)

Alan Hirsch“Dave has been coaching church planters for a long time….He knows what is important and what is strategic. In this book of missional axioms, he passes on some of that wisdom in a memorable way. A good distillation of key ideas.”
Paul Kaak“Dave’s translation of kingdom principles into missional application is necessary for any disciple or disciplemaker who wants a ministry rooted in theological thinking that matches harvest-oriented practice. In keeping his ideas and format simple, he gives us no excuse but to get to work being ‘doers of the Word, not merely hearers only.'”
More Great Books on Missional Living
Here are some other books I’d recommend for those who want to explore Missional Living: Right Here, Right Now byAlan Hirsch and Lance Ford The Externally Focused Church by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson Ordinary Hero by Neil Cole The Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay (also
TK Primer)

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