Recently I took my family on the Discovery Challenge Course at the South Bellevue Community Center. We joined together with a group of other parents and children to ascend 45 feet into the trees attached with harnesses and leaped across open spaces and transversed beams and zip lines and ropes and planks to reach new platforms.

I have found it very beneficial to be a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am currently credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach and intend to submit my application for my Professional Certified Coach credential this month.

One of the struggles that many Christian leaders have is in the area of time management. It’s important to be disciplined with how you use the time in each day.

I love training church planters! I love coaching church planters.

Coaching groups is a powerful means of helping people move toward their goal!

I drove through Panda Express for lunch the other day. I hadn’t eaten there in over a year. I laughed as I opened my fortune cookie. I wondered if I could become a writer of fortunes.

Getting started as a coach can be challenging. Even when you’ve developed good coaching skills, finding those who would benefit from a coaching relationship with you may be difficult.

The key to coaching missional leaders is relationship.

Finally! Keith Webb’s new book The COACH Model is now available. [amazon affiliate link]