Establishing a Coaching Culture will result in increased effectiveness, more teamwork, higher morale, longer retention of people, and greater impact.

Now, over twenty years later as I coach church planters, I love seeing the way that coaching impacts people’s lives.

What a great week! I was in Colorado Springs training leaders in coaching skills.

Every Church Planter would benefit from personal coaching!

I’ve been coaching leaders for years. I got started as a coach after experiencing the impact that coaching had in my life. Steve Ogne coached me as I planted a church in Southern California back in 1990. Now I love coaching church planters and helping them to navigate the challenges of getting started.

Being precedes doing.

I love coaching! But you probably already know that. If you didn’t know that, read why I love coaching.

Take a look at the results of the ICF 2012 Global Coaching Study!

I love coaching!

What books would help Christian coaches?