Like Barnabus with Paul, coaches come alongside and help leaders to fully live out God’s calling. Using excellent coaching skills (establishing trust, active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting), coaches empower leaders to go further faster.

Coaches, what is your approach to coaching?

Church Planters often recognize they need a coach, but how do they find the right coach? (see 5 Reasons Why Church Planters Need a Coach)

Understanding the people that God has called you to reach is a necessary part of the process of engaging in the mission of Jesus!

Planting churches is hard work! Most church planters know this.

The number one limiting factor in reaching the harvest is leadership. The future of the church is in its leaders.

As Susan Scott says in Fierce Conversations, “Let the silence do the heavy lifting.” New coaches often feel the need to talk. Others like to hear their own voice and assume others will too.

You are responsible for your own personal development!

On Monday, January 23, I begin a week of teaching at Adelphia Bible School. I have really been looking forward to this opportunity to teach on the mission of the church!

Martin Robinson and Dwight Smith’s book Invading Secular Space challenges the Church to live out the mission of Jesus!