[featured_image]“The number one limiting factor in reaching the harvest is leadership. The future of the church is in its leaders. Any church multiplication movement that wants to multiply churches must also find a way to multiply leaders, for it will quickly run out of existing, ready-to-go leaders. Creating solid, reproducible methods for raising up indigenous leaders from the harvest will feed and sustain a church multiplication movement.”
–Bob Logan, Be Fruitful and Multiply

I have never heard a pastor say to me, “We have enough leaders. We don’t need any more leaders. All we need is more followers.”

Where do pastors and churches find spiritual leaders?

How are emerging leaders developed?

What is the process for raising up spiritual leaders in your church or ministry?

Who is responsible for the ongoing training and development of leaders?

10 Practical Helps for Developing Leaders:

1. Embrace a Leadership Development Process (read more)

2. Identify Necessary Qualities for Leadership (read more)

3. Consider 10 Factors in Developing Leaders (read more)

4. Determine the Kind of Leaders You Need (read more)

5. Assess Leadership Potential (read more)

6. Improve Your Own Leadership Skills (read more)

7. Train in Ministry, Not For Ministry (read more)

8. Two Things Every Leader Must Do Well (read more)

9. Stop Trading Leaders for Lessons (read more)

10. Develop a Culture of Leadership Development (read more)

Today’s Missional Challenge

Don’t let leadership be your limiting factor in reaching the harvest. Start developing leaders around you!