[featured_image]You are responsible for your own personal development!

There may be others in your life who will mentor, coach, guide, influence, counsel, supervise, manage, direct, correct, or confront – but ultimately, you are responsible for your own growth and development. That’s the way it should be!

You have the power to choose! You can choose to grow or to stay the way you are. You can choose to ignore your flaws or shortcomings, or you can choose to take action to change.

3 Spheres of Personal Development3 Spheres of Personal Development | missionalchallenge.com

1. HEART: Character Formation

Being = who a leader is

2. HEAD: Biblical Formation

Knowing = what a leader understands

3. HANDS: Ministry Formation

Doing = what a leader does

This morning, I met with a young man who wants to grow as a spiritual leader. I drew this diagram on a napkin while we drank coffee and challenged him to consider specific things that he needed to KNOW, to BE, and to DO as a spiritual leader.

If you want to focus on your own Personal Development, ask the following questions:

1. What Kind of Development is Necessary? – prayerfully identify 7-10 qualities (Being), skills (Doing), and truths (Knowing).

2. Where Do You Need to Grow? – evaluate your strengths and limitations.

3. What’s Your Plan to Grow? – identify specific actions to take in your personal development.

4. Who Can Help You? – find a coach to come alongside you to assist in your growth plan.

5. When Will You Start? – do it now!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Make a list of the qualities, skills and truths that you’d need to possess to align with Jesus’ mission. Take an inventory and get started on your personal development plan.