[featured_image]Have you ever wondered what Jesus would do if He’d been born at the beginning of the 21st Century instead of 2000 years ago?

As I considered this question, I was struck with this reality: If Jesus came to earth in this generation, He’d be doing exactly the same thing He did in the first century – which was making disciples!

Jesus was a disciplemaker! That’s what He did. As He traveled around the villages of Galilee, He healed the sick, He performed miracles, He taught the crowds — but His primary ministry was with a small group of men that He was discipling! He poured His life into the lives of His disciples. Jesus was committed to making disciples. Not just the twelve that everyone knows about – but many more disciples!

Matthew 27:57 tells us that Joseph of Arimathea “had also become a disciple of Jesus.” Jesus discipled Joseph. In Matthew 28, Jesus then told His disciples to make disciples! I am a disciple of Jesus because they followed His instructions and made more disciples who made disciples. Every disciple of Jesus is given this same task – to make more disciples who will make disciples. That’s what we see happening in Acts 14 in Derbe. Paul and Barnabas are making disciples. They also did this in Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch of Pisidia. They continued to strengthen “the souls of the disciples.’

Here’s the BIG IDEA: those who are disciples of Jesus are to be disciplemakers!

The pattern is clear. Jesus started a movement of disciplemakers!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Do what Jesus did! Make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

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