[featured_image]My first book, Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living, was published two years ago this week! I’m amazed that over 1,000 copies have been ordered! It’s my prayer that this book would help followers of Jesus to more fully align with the mission of Jesus!

If you’d like to embody Jesus’ mission – just read a chapter each day. If you do this with your small group, missional community and church planting team, together you can discuss each lesson and intentionally take steps to follow Jesus in His mission.

At a gathering of church planters a few months ago, I was surprised when one of them shared how he had done this. He purchased copies and gave them away. Each day they read just one lesson and sought to live it out. He reported that it had a powerful impact on their community – and he encouraged everyone in the room to try it!

Here are a few lessons that might challenge you personally:

Lesson #14: Every Christian must practice disciplemaking skills!
In order to multiply disciplemakers, you must first be a disciplemaker. Every believer must embody personal disciplemaking skills. Are you?

Lesson #23: Pursue God’s mission, not our own.
A church doesn’t have its own mission – it fulfills God’s mission. Every church must define and organize around God’s mission in the world. The mission of every Christian and every church is simply His mission.

Lesson #31: Hang out with and enjoy unbelievers.
That’s what Jesus did. He was even called a “friend of sinners.” Who are ht non-Christians who would call you friend? Instead of spending all your free time with Christians, pursue friendships with those who don’t follow Christ.

Lesson #41: Loving your neighbors requires knowing them.
You can’t love the people around you if you don’t know who they are, and the context where they live.

Lesson #56: Gospel living is show and tell.
Good news and good deeds go together. If you love Jesus and enjoy fellowship with other Christians, but don’t get close enough to lost people to show and then tell them the gospel – it’s not good news.

I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on these lessons – and discuss them with other Christians today. Consider what actions you need to take to align with Jesus mission!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Do whatever it takes to join Jesus in His mission!

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