[featured_image]The Multiplication Cycle™ is a helpful tool which empowers Christians through a customizable approach for their unique context to make disciples who make disciples!

Church planters and missional leaders would benefit from a coach who uses this cycle and the coaching guides to focus ongoing intentional conversations on embodying the mission of Jesus.

Utilizing a series of 8 Coaching Conversations focusing on each of the 7 Elements of the cycle and concluding with a summary visionizing session is a powerful way to help move leaders forward.

After attending The Multiplication Workshop, find a coach who will come alongside you to help you implement the training principles in your context. Yet even if you haven’t attended the workshop, this guide will help you seize Jesus’ mission!

Coaching Guide #1:
Seize the Mission of Jesus

Seizing Jesus Mission means aligning your life with His mission – recognizing you’ve been commissioned to make disciples! As we align our lives with Jesus’ mission, we embrace Jesus’ method of ministry, which was to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples to fulfill His mission.

Coaching Conversation:

Connect – check-in personally

  • During this first session, allow time for personal connection
    • How did you come to serve in the role you are now in?
    • What is giving you the greatest sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in this role?
    • How do you personally engage in disciplemaking?

Outcome – the agenda for conversation is focused on living out your calling and facilitated by The Multiplication Cycle™

  • Session One: Seizing the Mission of Jesus
    • What would make today’s conversation meaningful to you?
    • Why is important for us to be talking about this today?
    • What result would you like to take away from our time together?

Awareness – this time is focused on discussion of the session topic: asking questions, discovery and reflection as each person shares their perspective.

  • Explore Seizing the Mission from multiple angles (ask several questions like these)
    • How did Jesus accomplish His mission?
    • What does alignment with Jesus’ mission look like?
    • What are some reasons that we must be aligned with Jesus’ mission?
    • What are key points in understanding Jesus’ mission?
    • What activities/responsibilities keep you personally from engaging in Jesus’ mission?
    • What do you find most challenging: working in the barn or working in the harvest?
    • What would it look like if every member in your “church family” were actively involved in making disciples?
    • What would need to change in the way we develop leaders if it was necessary to be a disciplemaker before you could lead a ministry or serve in a leadership role?
    • What could you stop doing so that you could spend more time with lost people?
    • How does seizing the mission of Jesus impact your budget or calendar?
    • What else??

Course – identify and commit to specific action steps to move forward before our next coaching conversation.

  • Articulate and write down individual steps
    • What steps could you take to personally seize the mission of Jesus this week?
    • How will you help others to seize the mission of Jesus?
    • How confident are you that you can do this?
    • Who can help you?

Highlights – reinforce what’s most important by summarizing what you are taking away from this conversation.

  • Review the conversation
    • What do you want to remember from today’s conversation?
    • What awareness do you have now that you didn’t have before?
    • What was most useful to you from our conversation?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Find a coach who can come alongside you and coach you through The Multiplication Cycle™.

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