[featured_image]I had an interesting conversation today about disciplemaking.

In my understanding of Matthew 28, Jesus commissions His disciples to make disciples. He sends them out as disciplemakers to make disciples who make disciples. They are to teach “to obey everything” that Jesus commanded them — which includes “making disciples.”

I was surprised when someone pushed back on this understanding of the Great Commission. I’d heard that some Christians believe only certain gifted Christians are actually called to be disciplemakers. Today, I actually met someone who held this position. It surprised me.

Is it possible that I’ve misunderstood the Great Commission?

Is every believer called to be a disciplemaker?

Did Jesus only send the 12 disciples to make disciples and this doesn’t apply to every believer?

Was it Jesus’ plan that most Christians would use their “gifts” to serve others within the church and not actually engage in helping others to follow Jesus?

What do you think? [comment below]

Today’s Missional Challenge

Be certain that you understand who is called to be disciplemakers!