We cannot fulfill the Great Commission simply through the expansion of existing churches. Nor can we accomplish our mission merely through the addition of new churches. We must focus on multiplication, planting a variety of dynamic churches that will grow and reproduce. – Dr. Steve Ogne

Missional activity must begin where people live.

Martin Robinson and Dwight Smith’s book Invading Secular Space challenges the Church to live out the mission of Jesus!

My passion is to accelerate exponential disciplemaking movements that transform America and beyond!
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On this St. Patrick’s Day, I’m reflecting on the blessings of Christ.

The Global Church Planting Network has been established to link key church planting mobilizers and coordinators to collaborate in accelerating church planting globally.

God is advancing the multiplication of disciples through church planting movements around the world. However, CPMs are not happening everywhere. On a conference call last year with some of my OC colleagues around the globe, we identified common obstacles to movements.

Existing growth trends revealed that most would remain beyond the reach of a local church unless the Body of Christ was mobilized for church planting.

Christians are part of a movement that was started by Jesus Christ! It has impacted the entire world! It’s spreading rapidly throughout the southern hemisphere. Movements exist to bring God glory!

Over the past five years, my growing passion has been to be part of accelerating church planting movements in the United States.