[featured_image]Over the past five years, my growing passion has been to be part of accelerating church planting movements in the United States.

Accelerating CPMs in the United States | missionalchallenge.com

I wrote my doctoral dissertation on “Fueling Missionary Movements that Transform America.” The entire project was focused on how to help facilitate church planting movements here in the US.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been working to clarify my ministry focus as a missionary with OC International as part of U.S. Ministries. I’m excited to have greater clarity as a result of recent conversations with a few key men in my life.

My Focus: To Accelerate Church Planting Movements(CPMs) in the US and Beyond through…

• Strategic Collaboration:
1. Establish regional hub in Seattle
2. Initiate/multiply CPM activity
3. Expand regional hub systems across the US & Beyond

• Coaching Systems:
1. Coach church planters
2. Train/mentor CPM coaches
3. Initiate coaching systems across the US & Beyond

• Training Systems:
1. Train church planters
2. Train/mentor CPM trainers
3. Initiate training systems across the US & Beyond

This is something that I can give the rest of my life to accomplish!

Will you pray for me – that God will use me to accelerate CPMs in the U.S. and beyond?

If you are interested in learning more about CPMs – or in strategic collaboration, coaching, or training, contact me at [email protected].