What’s your passion? (besides good coffee)

Watch this short video as my colleague in South Africa, Barbosa Oliveira, shares his passion! (43 seconds)

I’m passionate about cities, neighborhoods, countries, districts, states being transformed by the power of the gospel with every church in every small community being a beacon of light. Healthy churches multiplying, saturating the places with the message of the gospel. For that, we need to train pastors, train leaders, lay people that can do the job and spread this message like a wildfire wherever they are. That’s my passion!

What are you most passionate about? What compels you to action?

My passion is to accelerate exponential disciplemaking movements that transform America and beyond!

Share your passion in the comments below…

Today’s Missional Challenge

Discover your passion and pursue it! Spend time in prayer asking God to increase your passion for ministry!