The MCWD Church Multiplication Team has as its mission to facilitate a church multiplication movement in each region of the Western District through

Growing up, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green so we wouldn’t get pinched by our friends at school. Nobody ever explained to me who he was and what he did. So, this morning as we ate a “green” breakfast, I told my kids about St. Patrick. Here are three things you should know about him…

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Count Ludwig Nikolaus von Zinzendorf is a preeminent example of the convergence between prayer and missiology. He allowed some refugees from Moravia to establish a village on his land in southeast Germany.

Missional Multiplication Movements: Not in America |

There are not any missional movements in the United States. At least not yet.

Missional movements are not about starting churches, they are about the glory of God

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Jesus did not start a religion; He started a movement of spiritually transformed people on mission with Him. To better understand this movement from a historical perspective as well as its expression in the twenty-first century, Alan Hirsch’s

Neil Cole, author of Organic Church and founder of Church Multiplication Associates, shared his perspective with me yesterday on the absence of movements in America. He observes that the church often gets in the way.

My friend, Steve Bagdanov, posted this video on his blog and I thought it was worth posting again.

Joshua Pillai is the Director of DAWN South India. I met him in the coffee shop in the lobby of the Nakshatra Hotel in Secunderabad, India. When I arrived at the airport that morning, I discovered that my flight had been changed and wouldn’t depart until after midnight.