The MCWD Church Multiplication Team has as its mission to facilitate a church multiplication movement in each region of the Western District through . . .

  • Articulating a shared vision for multiplying disciples, leaders, small groups and churches
  • Mobilizing prayer support in each region focused on multiplying churches
  • Creating an enduring church planting culture
  • Embracing new expressions of church
  • Attracting and recruiting potential church planters from outside our movement
  • Determining focus communities for starting new churches – including inner-city and cross-cultural opportunities
  • Emphasizing spiritual formation in the life of potential church planters
  • Assisting each local church in developing leadership farm systems and training emerging leaders (becoming a church multiplication center)
  • Providing a shared pool of resources to help in the process (district website)
  • Assessing potential church planters through behavioral interviews and other useful tools
  • Affirming the character, call and competency of church planters
  • Training church planting teams in their “embryo” state (Launch Team Retreats)
  • Bringing the planters together for support, prayer, encouragement and fun! (annual gathering)
  • Assigning coaches to strategically empower church planters (developing a coaching movement)
  • Developing funding strategies for new churches
  • Approving church planting projects and financial commitments
  • Evaluating progress and effectiveness of church plants (NCD)
  • Coaching parent churches to multiply and rewarding appropriately
  • Anticipating lives to be changed through new churches
  • Celebrating the successes and failures in church multiplication

If you are preparing to start a new church or already involved in starting a new church in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico or Colorado–and you’d like to partner with us, let me know!