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Research in 1999 revealed that thousands of communities in South Africa remained untouched by the transforming presence of a healthy church. Existing growth trends revealed that most would remain beyond the reach of a local church unless the Body of Christ was mobilized for church planting.

The Church Planting Alliance of South Africa was formed to help stimulate and facilitate church planting movements with a focus on regional and city initiatives. Founding partners included The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (TEASA), DAWN Africa, Africa National Evangelism Task (AFNET), Africa Ministry Resources (AMR), and various denominations and leaders. The CPA is a vision-driven, loosely structured alliance of church leaders and ministries committed to the vision of saturating the nation with healthy churches.


The Church Planting Alliance of South Africa exists to encourage and facilitate the multiplication of healthy churches throughout South Africa and beyond.


1. Mobilise the Body of Christ in a determined effort to complete the Great Commission in South Africa.

2. Network leaders in strategic partnerships for church planting.

3. Facilitate saturation church planting projects at national, provincial and city levels.

4. Research the harvest force and harvest field in our nation.

5. Encourage united prayer for community transformation.

6. Provide and effective platform for training and mobilization through an annual national conference and ongoing regional consultations.

7. Offer training resources on church planting, leadership, church development and intercession.

I believe that a similar effort and focus will result in the rapid multiplication of disciples and churches in the Pacific Northwest of America. I am excited to be leading efforts to see the whole Body of Christ in the metro-Seattle area catalyzed to partner together in this kind of city-wide initiative!

Would you join us in united prayer toward these objectives?