Embrace a Leadership Development Process |

J. Oswald Sanders describes the process of qualifying as spiritual leaders:

T4T is an all-inclusive process of training believers over the course of 12-18 months to witness to the lost and train new believers to form reproducing discipleship communities generation by generation.

The Bible Storying method is an excellent disciplemaking strategy. It’s based on the reality that “even if people like learning through reading, reading by itself is not the best way to move information from the head to the heart.” (Real Life Discipleship, p 156)

Building on biblical principles, he helps us to see how God is in the business of inner life formation.

We must learn to live like the apostle Paul, looking every day outside ourselves to Christ and seeing ourselves standing before God clothed in his perfect righteousness.

Coaches are constantly learning and growing.

Best Book on Missional Living |

There are lots of books available on Missional Living. Recently as I was looking at what search items led people to my blog, I was surprised to see: “best book on missional living.”

George Sweeting, president of Moody Bible Institute from 1971-1987, wrote a short booklet entitled The Challenge of the City which focuses on the unique needs and opportunities for ministry in cities. Here’s an excerpt:

Leaders are Readers!