My first book, Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living, was published two years ago this week! I’m amazed that over 1,000 copies have been ordered! It’s my prayer that this book would help followers of Jesus to more fully align with the mission of Jesus!

One of the struggles that many Christian leaders have is in the area of time management. It’s important to be disciplined with how you use the time in each day.

Finally! Keith Webb’s new book The COACH Model is now available. [amazon affiliate link]

Every need, whether it is a physical need for food or a spiritual need for food, must be exposed and seen. That’s the responsibility of every spiritual leader. Need is everywhere, yet somehow we have conditioned our eyes not to see it. We see problems. We see things to avoid. We see things that aren’t right; but when we don’t see them as needs, we’re less likely to realize we are the ones who should do something about it.

The dictionary classifies Christianity as a religion, but we must remember it’s far more than that.

Although it’s entitled The Master Plan of Evangelism, it is actually more focused on disciplemaking and leadership development. Robert Coleman first published this book nearly fifty years ago in January 1963.

I’ve started reading this latest book (which he gave me – thanks Jason). He’s got some strong words for churches and their attempts to serve others outside the church while wanting to be noticed for doing good.

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I wrote Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living as a practical guide for believers to align their lives with Jesus’ mission.

What books would help Christian coaches?

I feel compelled to keep on emphasizing this truth: “We don’t start churches to make disciples.