I got an email this morning form the Barna Group and noticed that they were selling Alan Hirsch’s book for $10 plus s&h. This is a fantastic book on missional engagement.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with my friends Hugh Halter and Matt Smay here at the Exponential Conference in Orlando. I found this interview online about their new book. Check it out… Why did you write this book?

I got a copy today of The Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay.

My friends Hugh Halter and Matt Smay have a new book entitled

Henri Nouwen’s humility is felt from the introduction as he describes himself as “part of a larger movement of which I am only a very small part” (9).

The Mission Field Called America |

According to Tom Clegg and Warren Bird in their new book Missing in America

Essential Reading: Multiplication and Movements |

Jesus did not start a religion; He started a movement of spiritually transformed people on mission with Him. To better understand this movement from a historical perspective as well as its expression in the twenty-first century, Alan Hirsch’s

What is the essence of the Church?