[featured_image]I’m very excited about Neil Cole’s newest book on leadership development. It’s based on the life of the apostle Paul and focuses on God’s development process in the life of believers. Building on biblical principles, he helps us to see how God is in the business of inner life formation.

Neil introduces the book like this –

Think of this book as a guide to the road, with landmarks you can follow. Think of the apostle Paul as a seasoned vet who has followed the path before you and can now show you the way to your finish. Like Paul, we are called to find our own place in the unfolding journeys of our lives and to decide that nothing less than finishing well will do. In this book, I hope to point out some of the more obvious landmarks and paths of leadership formation that can guide you toward a strong finish to your life.

Neil Cole's Newest Book: Journeys to Significance | missionalchallenge.comThis book offers strategic missional lessons that can help you be more fruitful; but, even more, it focuses on the leadership formation that Paul went through. He is not just an example to missionaries, theologians, and church planters. He is an example, first of all, of a follower of Christ who demonstrates for us the paths we all must take to finish well. We can all follow him as he follows Christ.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to connect with Neil Cole in southern France at the Chateau de Saint-Albain. I really enjoy any time to spend with Neil – and resonate so strongly with his commitment to simple, reproducible methods for multiplying disciples, leaders and churches. While we were together, he shared about his newest book on leadership development based on the life journey of the apostle Paul. You can watch the video here.

Neil Cole:
Journeys to Significance

I want to tell you about a new book that’s coming out this March 2011. It’s called Journeys to Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul. What we’ve done is we’ve followed Paul’s entire life showing how God develops a leader over the course of a lifetime so they finish well, using Paul as an example. Paul is the one who said, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” Now often times we paint Paul off to be some super-hero saint that none of us can be like, but I think that violates his own idea of what it means to be a follower of Christ. So you’ll find in this book that Paul is not only a masterful teacher, but he is also a good learner. We can follow him in his steps as he learns from Jesus. So I appreciate you checking out the book.

– Neil Cole

I was thrilled to discover that it’s already available on Kindle – and soon in print! Kindle Version Now Available! or Hardcover Available March 29, 2011

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