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Last week I had the opportunity to worship at Sojourn – a church plant in Oxnard, California that my friends Louis and Faith DeLuca started. It was great to worship together and to be challenged by God’s Word.

Recently, they completed the Natural Church Development survey which assesses the health of churches. One of the discoveries from this survey was that while they have many people who volunteer to serve, the church was not committed to encouraging and thanking their volunteers. Louis decided this was something that needed to be corrected.

So – last Sunday, Louis paused in the middle of his sermon to pass out individual thank you cards to over 40 volunteers.

I was surprised that he had written all these personalized notes. I was also surprised that he took the time during his message to pass out each one individually.

I looked around as people were reading the personal notes received and there were people smiling throughout the congregation.

In those brief moments as everyone watched him pass out the cards Louis was demonstrating the message: It’s important to encourage others by saying thank you.

In fact – it’s so important that he took time during his message to accomplish it!

How important is it to you that you encourage those around you by saying thank you?

Who do you need to say thanks to this week?

How and when will you do it?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Take the time this week to thank someone!

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