[featured_image] My friend Dan Riemenschneider shared with me the following checklist on Living Out Our Faith: fieldusa.org

Dan Remo training leaders at the Field USA Summit 2012

30 Key Areas in our Christian Walk


1. Trinity. I believe the God of the Bible is the only true God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
2. Salvation by Grace. I believe a person comes into a right relationship with God by God’s Grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
3. Authority of the Bible. I believe the Bible is the Word of God and has the right to command my belief and action.
4. Personal God. I believe God is involved in and cares about my daily life.
5. Identity in Christ. I believe I am significant because of my position as a child of God.
6. Church. I believe the church is God’s primary way to accomplish his purposes on earth today.
7. Humanity. I believe all people are loved by God and need Jesus Christ as their Savior.
8. Compassion. I believe God calls all Christians to show compassion to those in need.
9. Eternity. I believe there is a heaven and a hell, and I believe Jesus Christ is returning to judge the earth and establish his eternal kingdom.
10. Stewardship. I believe everything I am or own belongs to God.


1. Love. I sacrificially and unconditionally love and forgive others.
2. Joy. I have inner contentment and purpose in spite of my circumstances.
3. Peace. I am free from anxiety because things are right between God, myself, and others.
4. Patience. I take a long time to overheat, and I endure patiently the unavoidable pressures of life.
5. Kindness/Goodness. I choose to do the right things in my relationships with others.
6. Faithfulness. I have established a good name with God and with others based on my long-term loyalty to that relationship.
7. Gentleness. I am thoughtful, considerate, and calm in dealing with others.
8. Self-Control. I have power, through Christ, to control myself.
9. Hope. I can cope with the hardships of life and death because of the hope I have in Jesus Christ.
10. Humility. I choose to esteem others above myself.


1. Worship. I worship God for who he is and what he has done for me.
2. Prayer. I pray to God to know him, to lay my requests before him, and to find direction for my daily life.
3. Bible Study. I study the Bible to know God, the truth, and to find direction for my daily life.
4. Single-mindedness. I focus on God and his priorities for my life.
5. Biblical Community. I fellowship with other Christians to accomplish God’s purposes in my life, others’ lives, and in the world.
6. Spiritual Gifts. I know and use my spiritual gifts to fulfill God’s purposes.
7. Giving Away My Time. I give away my time to fulfill God’s purposes.
8. Giving Away My Money. I give away my money to fulfill God’s purposes.
9. Giving Away My Faith. I give away my faith to fulfill God’s purposes.
10. Giving Away My Life. I give away my life to fulfill God’s purposes.

If you are seeking to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples, consider how this checklist can help you.

What will you keep?

What will you add?

What will you remove?

How will you pass it on?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Develop your own list of key beliefs, virtues, and practices that you are helping your disciples to embody and pass on!

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