[featured_image]I am so grateful for the churches and individuals who support us in prayer and with finances so we can serve as missionaries on the One Challenge USA team.

One of our supporting churches is Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington. They encourage us, pray for us, contribute financially to our support, and care personally for our family. Thank you!

8 Ways to Support Missionaries | missionalchallenge.com8 Ways to Support Missionaries (Ministry Partners)

1. Choose a Ministry Partner to regularly pray for.
2. Communicate with an encourage a Ministry Partner through email or Skype.
3. Host a Ministry Partner for a meal while in the area.
4. Provide temporary housing or transportation.
5. Help your ABF or small group to “adopt” a Ministry Partner.
6. Visit a Ministry Partner on the field while on vacation.
7. Form a “care group” to assist the Ministry Partner while they visit heard.
8. Join a short-term ministry team for special projects.

I think these are great ideas. What ideas do you have? (add to comments below)

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how you can actively support and encourage vocational missionaries. Do something tangible this week!

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