[featured_image]Last year I attended the Global Church Planting Network in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a powerful gathering of 100 church planting leaders representing 15 regions of the world.

One of the presentations that challenged me focused on principles of selection. I’ve read a lot and even written on leadership development. This issue of selecting leaders to invest in is critical.

You only have a limited amount of time to invest in making disciples. Not everyone who may want to spend time with you is worthy of your time. You have to establish criteria to determine not only who you will invest yourself into, but also who you will continue to invest yourself into.

1. Leaders must make choices of whom they will invest their life into, recruit well!
2. Don’t waste your time on those who love themselves and lack humility.
3. Learn quickly who not to invest in = those who may talk a good talk and sound convincing, but they don’t do anything with their lives.
4. Results, not words are the key!

Jesus was selective. In fact, he spent a lot of time with a few. This was His strategy. He clearly concentrated on a few.

Jesus called His followers to obey. Don’t spend time with people who aren’t obeying Jesus. As you teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded, check to make sure they are actually obeying. Follow up on what they say they are going to do. Remember, it’s not what you expect but what you inspect that actually gets done.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Be selective. Focus on a few who are obedient followers of Jesus.