[featured_image]How are you making disciples?

How are those in your church making disciples?

It’s necessary to identify a clear disciplemaking process that you will follow in making disciples. Using a simple process that is transferable to others will increase the likelihood that your disciples will also make disciples.

The temptation is to have multiple disciplemaking process and to just encourage people in your church to use whichever one they want. The result is often that no one is actually making disciples, although they are attending small group.

I’d recommend to identify ONE simple, practical, and transferable process that you will train everyone to use to make disciples who make disciples. The power of focusing on one process that is easily transferable will enable your whole community to engage together in disciplemaking.

Consider these Disciplemaking Engines:
Life Transformation GroupsBible StoryingTraining for Trainers

Today’s Missional Challenge

Clearly identify and define the key elements of your Disciplemaking Engine. Be specific!