Often when I ask Christians if they know anyone that needs to be discipled they think of a new Christian. Somehow in America we have adopted the idea that “discipleship” is for new believers. The idea is often associated with “follow-up” of new Christians.

However, when Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” He wasn’t telling His closest followers to go find new followers and help them become better followers. He was telling them to go after those who were not yet His followers. He was telling them to be “fishers of men.”

If we are going to see movements of transformation it will only happen as we make disciples of non-disciples!

How do you make a disciple? You go to somebody who isn’t one. You win them to Jesus Christ and you teach them all things “whatsoever I have commanded.” You build them in the Word. That’s the job all of us have.
– Dr. John MacArthur

Any thoughts?