[featured_image]Dallas Willard notes,

True, you will find few scholars or leaders in Christian circles who deny that we are supposed to make disciples or apprentices to Jesus and teach them to do all things that Jesus said Jesus’ instructions on this matter are, after all, starkly clear. We just don’t do what he said. We don’t seriously attempt it. And apparently we don’t know how to do it.” ~ The Divine Conspiracy

Lesson #5 in Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living:

Discipleship starts with non-disciples,not Christians.
Too often people think discipleship is for new Christians. When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” He didn’t mean to find those who are already followers and help them follow better. He sends every believer to make disciples of non-disciples.

So when does discipleship with someone begin? The moment you meet them.

We are always discipling. It’s not a program – it’s who we are! We are to be disciplemakers – making disciples who make disciples.

Recently, someone asked me this provocative question: How many Christians was Jesus discipling?

Answer: None!

How do you make disciples? You lead people to follow Jesus!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Start discipling everyone you meet. Lead everyone around you to follow Jesus!

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