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In the simplest sense, a disciplemaker needs to make disciples who make disciples. That’s the nature of a disciplemaker. They are intentionally making disciples. And those whom they disciple are intentionally making disciples. Disciplemakers are committed to multiplying generations of disciplemakers.

I truly believe that being precedes doing. What we do actually flows out of who we are.

If you are making disciples who make disciples who make disciples, you are a disciplemaker. While most Christians would see themselves as disciples of Jesus, not very many are fully engaged in making disciples. (I’d recommend you check out 3 Simple Skills Every Christian Needs.)

The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an effective process for multiplying disciples who make disciples. If you are looking for a simple, transferable method that will lead to loving obedience and spiritual reproduction, I highly recommend you consider starting a Discovery Bible Study.

Growing disciples make disciples who make disciples.

Today I returned from a trip to Charlotte. While I flew across the country I reflected on some similarities between church members and airline passengers.

I was intrigued by a recent post I read by Seth Godin. He writes…

This morning I scheduled for a cord of seasoned hardwood to be delivered. Then I invited three college-age students over to help me stack it.

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Question: What’s necessary to be effective in helping others start following Jesus?