[featured_image]Over the last three days I’ve posted on what a disciplemaker needs to Know, Be and Do. These represent 10 things that reflect the focus and lifestyle of one who is living on mission with Jesus by making disciples who make disciples.10 Habits of Disciplemakers | missionalchallenge.com

If you are a follower of Jesus, you will help others to follow Jesus. And you will train them how to help others to help others to help others to follow Jesus. This is the nature of discipleship. It’s not focused simply on being disciples of Jesus, but rather focused on making disciples of Jesus. It’s both/and.

If you’d like to become a disciplemaker, check out this video on 3 Simple Skills Every Christan Needs.

Disciplemakers focus on Knowing, Being and Doing.
These 3 Spheres of Personal Development are crucial to the discipleship process: Head, Hands and Heart. You can’t emphasize just one – all three are critical.

10 Habits of Disciplemakers
Each of these habits is necessary to engage fully in making disciples who make disciples.

What a Disciplemaker Needs to Know: HEAD

1. Knowing Jesus = The Habit of Spending Time with Jesus
2. Knowing the Gospel = The Habit of Preaching the Gospel to Yourself and Others
3. Knowing the Importance of Obedience = The Habit of Doing What Jesus Says
What a Disciplemaker Needs to BE: HEART
4. Being Spirit-Filled = The Habit of Daily Walking in the Spirit
5. Being Fruitful = The Habit of Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit
6. Being Humble = The Habit of Humbling Yourself Before God and Others
What a Disciplemaker Needs to DO: HANDS
7. Following Jesus (and Helping Others to Follow Jesus) = The Habit of Reproducing Disciplemakers
8. Being Jesus to Others = The Habit of Incarnating the Gospel
9. Teaching Others to Obey = The Habit of Obeying Jesus
10. Feeding Yourself Spiritually = The Habit of Daily Self-Feeding
If you want to identify your own habits of disciplemakers – check out this post on Spheres of Personal Development.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Develop these habits of disciplemaking.