[featured_image]If you are making disciples who make disciples who make disciples, you are a disciplemaker. While most Christians would see themselves as disciples of Jesus, not very many are fully engaged in making disciples. (I’d recommend you check out 3 Simple Skills Every Christian Needs).

As you make disciples who make disciples, there are several key things you need to know. In fact, not only do you need to know these things, you need to make certain that those who you are discipling also know these things. And on top of that, the people whom they are discipling ought to know these things too. I encourage you to pass on what you know and make sure what you know gets passed on beyond those you are discipling.

3 Things Every Disciplemaker Needs to Know

1. You Need to Know Jesus. You can’t just know about Jesus, you must know Jesus. Read the Gospels. Learn of Jesus. Know Jesus personally and intimately. Those whom Jesus discipled got to know Jesus by being with Jesus. The only way you can really get to know Jesus is to spend time being with Jesus. Remain in Jesus (Jn 15). Eternal life is only found in Jesus (Jn 17).

2. You Need to Know the Gospel. The gospel is the good news of salvation. It includes Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. As you disciple others, you need to know the gospel so that you can share the gospel. You need to know what Christ’s death on the cross accomplished. You need to know how the gospel actually changes lives. You need to know how to articulate the gospel. (Check out What is the Gospel?)

3. You Need to Know the Importance of Obeying Jesus. Jesus says that if you love Jesus, you will do what He says (Jn 14). When He sent His disciples to make disciples, He instructed them to teach to obey (Mt 28). It’s not enough to just know what Jesus commands, His followers must obey Him.

That’s a start – what else does every disciplemaker need to know?
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Today’s h: As you make disciples…Make sure you know Jesus deeply and personally. Make sure you know the gospel message. Make sure you know the importance of obedience.