Coaches can help leaders move forward by focusing on immediate steps forward. Specifically, your next three steps.

My daughter sent me a text message this morning that made me smiled. She wrote:

Today I returned from a trip to Charlotte. While I flew across the country I reflected on some similarities between church members and airline passengers.

I just completed three days of training pastors and church planters with Ken Priddy in Charlotte, NC through The Multiplication Workshop. The training was built around The Multiplication Cycle™and emphasized the importance of starting churches by making disciples.

Jesus Never Planted Churches |

Jesus was a disciplemaker. He never planted churches. That was not His focus. That’s not why He came.

I was intrigued by a recent post I read by Seth Godin. He writes…

Regardless of what your church worship gatherings may look like, the principles of making disciples who make disciples are the same. Believers must commit themselves to both GATHERING and SCATTERING.

This morning I scheduled for a cord of seasoned hardwood to be delivered. Then I invited three college-age students over to help me stack it.

Moments come and moments go.

It’s good to be home! Today I returned to Seattle after a week in Atlanta.