[featured_image]Coaches can help leaders move forward by focusing on immediate steps forward. Specifically, your next three steps.

Typically in a coaching conversation, I help my clients to form at least three action steps that will move them forward toward their goals before our next coaching session.

Imagine if you continually focused on your next three steps to move forward. And what if you prioritized the three most important steps and chose to do those first each day?

What if before you checked email or responded to phone calls each day, you jumped right in and completed the three most important tasks or steps toward your goals?

There is incredible power that comes when you focus on your next three steps. Not your next ten steps. Not even your next five steps.

Focus on Three Steps.

Try it right now. What three things do you need to do that will move you toward your goal?

Maybe you need to write them down.

Or maybe you just need to stop reading this blog and get started right now.

First figure out the three things you need to get done today. Then work on those three things until they are done.

If you finish your first three steps today, identify the next three action steps that will move you forward — do those next!

There’s incredible power and momentum that comes from getting things done.

So focus on your next three steps! Go!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Identify your next three steps and go do them now!